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What you can find at

Are you planning to change your light level and don’t know which one to choose? The sea is full of fish: this is what you have to do to find your electric touch.

Electricity rates are changing

Those of the mobile, those of the websites and pay-tv, those of the food at home... It is no longer a question of adapting to the rate. Now, the rate must adapt to you. Find an electric rate that suits you perhaps as seeking love. Sometimes you fall from the sky, sometimes there’s no way. It’s not me, it’s you. It’s not you, it’s your mother. It’s not us, it’s the system. Okay, the sea is full of fish, but which one should I choose? How many electricity contracts? How many kWh of soil per year? Just a moment: what rate have I contracted now?

The advantages of making our electricity purchases online

Good questionnaires are available on, the retailer of Schneider Electric products, as well as electrical specialists. You want things to be simple and fast, very fast. You want everything online. If you recognize yourself in this description, One Elec is for you. It’s so cheap you don’t need to feel dizzy by discounts. The rate that goes straight to the 100% digital goal so you can put all your efforts at any time and from anywhere. Discussions with telemarketers are over, the world is now working with a click.

A thought of luminous happiness

You recognize yourself in the profile of the Electric Schneider, but you have one peculiarity: you stay awake at night. The most active people in the last hours of the day and all night are the young people; and they can benefit from the excellent work of One Elec. You clearly know how much energy you use and when you use it.

You are so clear that you have a problem with having to adjust to a certain time slot.


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